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RRP Africa is working towards facilitating greater support for RRP patients and the clinicians managing them; research into non-surgical treatments for RRP; and, ultimately, disease prevention across the continent. We hope that, one day, RRP will be a thing of the past. HPV vaccination with Gardasil 4 or 9, which covers the appropriate virus strains (type 6 and 11), is available, but not currently accessible to many LMIC countries across the world, and this should be addressed. To help us work towards a global solution of preventing the next generation of RRP sufferers, you can pledge your support. By adding your name to our list of supporters to promote universal HPV vaccination with Gardasil 4 or 9, you will be adding your voice to our cause. It’s a simple act, but a powerful one.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that RRP Africa provides the information on this website for the benefit of the RRP patient and clinician. RRP Africa is not a medical provider. Patients must rely on the personal and individualized medical advice of their qualified health care professionals before they seek any information related to Recurrent Respiratory Papilloma diagnosis and treatment.